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The Boundless Books Project 
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Mission Statement


                      The Boundless Books Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on cultivating creativity and team building in elementary classrooms through an interactive six-week book writing and publishing workshop. Operating primarily within the Syracuse City schools and surrounding Central New York districts, Boundless Books has published 17 books to date, helping over 400 kids become published authors and illustrators.


Vision For Growth 2023-2024 

                During the 2022/23 school year, we published 9 books with students in the Syracuse City School District. This year, our goal is to more than double that number to 20-25 books. We also hope to expand our model in two key areas:

Individual Mentoring and Cross-District Collaboration


  • Individual Mentoring:   Our current model involves working collectively with a classroom of approximately 25 to 30 students, which we believe holds immense value in teambuilding and communication skills. We recognize that within the collaborative setting, there are students who show particular promise and dedication. We would like to expand our program to offer a more focused workshop for these students to create and publish their own individual books. The goal will be to empower them with the necessary tools to continue to publish their works without further  assistance. We will also encourage these students stay engaged and can then mentor younger students just entering the project.

  • Cross District Collaboration:   A primary goal since the inception of this program has been to bring kids together from different backgrounds. In the fall of 2020 we were able to facilitate a collaborative project with second graders from Van Duyn School (SCSD) and Walberta Park (Westhill). The students met weekly for six weeks to publish The Tale of Jingle and the Missing Bones

                    In March, 2023 we had the opportunity to work with students at Delaware Primary School in Syracuse to create Lola’s First Day / El Primer dia de Lola, our first bi-lingual book. Each page is written in Spanish and English to reflect the primary language of the authors. Our goal is to continue working with SCSD and surrounding districts throughout the coming school year to build upon these collaborations with both virtual and in-person projects.




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