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Amazing Books Written For Kids... By Kids!

Founded in 2017 by children’s book author Mark Eischen, the program guides the students step by step through the creation of their own professionally published children’s book. 

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                                                                               Boundless Books is a six week book writing program 

                                                                      designed to cultivate creativity and teambuilding with

                                                               youth groups and in elementary classrooms. Students

                          work together to establish a theme, develop and draw all the characters.

                         and develop the storyline from start to finish. Each student contributes

                  a full page illustration Boundless Books compiles all their work,

                  puts the story to rhyme and, after the students conduct a final edit

              and pose for their author photo, we add the book is professionally published;

                    available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers 

                            and the students are fully accredited author / illustrators!




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